The socks factory “Imsaplet-Zr” was founded in 1995 as a small family business, which today, after twenty five years of continuous work, can boast of various top quality products marketed both in the country and abroad.

Modern technology, domestic production and top quality cotton are the key and leading stars of our company.

Our  product range includes cotton socks made in a wide range of colors and patterns, suitable for all ages and all seasons!

As a company, we strive to stay true to quality materials and provide customers with a product made of pure cotton

Today, the company successfully cooperates with a large number of retail chains in the country, such as “Gomex”, “Per Su”, “Mikromarket”, “Idea”, “Roda”.

We also cooperate with a large number of small shops throughout Serbia, and in addition, our products are exported to all ex Yugoslav republics, as well as to European Union countries.

We cooperate with the retail chain “Plodine” from Croatia, and for many years we have been working with wholesalers “Tekstil” from Vrgorac, Croatia and “Marwin” from Mostar, BIH.

If you have a boutique, wholesale or retail of textiles, we look forward to a successful cooperation with you!

In the past few years everybody in the com-pany is giving their best so the production and sales increase. We have achieved that by employing young proffesionals who are eager to share their knowledge and implement their creative ideas in the development of the company. We are very proud of that fact and that makes us special in the whole market.
Emil Sarvari